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How to register and introduce an iris

(Material from and credit due to: The AIS Website)

Registration Instructions/Regulations:
These instructions apply to the registration of all classes of irises except bulbous irises.

1. Write to the AIS Registrar, Mike and Anne Lowe, 12219 Zilles Road, Blackstone, VA 23824 for a registration blank, enclosing check for the registration fee payable to the American Iris Society. The fee is $7.50 per registration, or $10.00 if transferring a name from a previous registration.

2. Select a name which has not previously been used and submit it for approval. To determine availability of name, please refer to all ten-year Check Lists (beginning 1939) and annual Registrations and Introductions booklets (beginning 2000). (Preliminary checking can also be done on the Internet: Please also suggest alternate names. A name is not registered until the registration application has been completed and approved and a certificate of registration returned to you.

3. Names should follow the rules established by the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants. Rules are subject to change, but at the present time the following names will not be permitted:
a. Names of living persons without their written consent, or names of recently (10 years) deceased persons without permission of next of kin or other authority.
b. Personal names containing the following forms of address or their equivalent in another language: Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms.
c. Names including symbols, numerals, non-essential punctuation or abbreviations.
d. Names beginning with the articles "a" or "the" or their equivalent
in other languages unless required by linguistic custom.
e. Names in Latin or in latinized form.
f. Slight variation of a previously registered name.
g. Names in excess of three words, ten syllables, or thirty letters.
h. Names containing the word "iris" or "flag" or the species name of any recognized species of Iris, or formed wholly by recombining parts of the parental species' names.
i. Names containing the hybridizer's name in possessive form.
j. Names which exaggerate or may become inaccurate (e.g. Heaviest Lace, Tallest Black), or which are composed solely of adjectives which could be construed as a simple description (e.g. Pale Blue, Ruffled).
k. Names translated from the original language; they should be transliterated as necessary.

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4. Previously registered names may be re-used only if (a) the original registration has not been introduced or distributed by name, (b) does not appear by name in the parentage of later registrations, and (c) a statement of permission is obtained from the prior registrant.

5. Names will not be released as obsolete unless there is proof that no stock now exists and that the iris was not listed as a parent in registrations. It is the obligation of the registrant to furnish the registrar with acceptable proof.

The Registration Form is now available as a downloadable Adobe Acrobat PDF type file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file. Click here to get the form.

Registration Form (new June 2003)