Corner Iris Picture

Photo Gallery - 2018 Photo Contest Winners

First Annual Photo Contest winners

The thumbnails below are of low resolution (on purpose) so this page would open quickly for viewers. To see a larger image click on the thumbnail image.

Garden/Miscellaneous 1st: Kevin - Unknown "Pink with blue beards"

Garden/Miscellaneous 2nd: Kevin - "Karston"

Garden/Miscellaneous 3rd: Kevin - "Several stems"

Macro/Close-Up 1st: Sue - Autumn Explosion

Macro/Close-Up 2nd: Kevin - Alabaster Unicorn

Macro/Close-Up 3rd: Sue - Autumn Explosion

Single Flowers 1st: Kevin - Ticket to Ride

Single Flowers 2nd: Melania - Illusionist

Single Flowers 3rd: Sue - Dazzling Sarah