Corner Iris Picture

2023 Photo Contest


The voting phase has concluded and the results are in!


  • Flower Category - Single iris flower / Stalk of irises
    1. Diane Pavlovich - Blutique (#22)
    2. Diane Pavlovich - Autumn Reisling (#23)
    3. (tie) Sue Clark War Chief (#5) and Cindy Long - Louisiana iris (#15)
  • Macro Category - Very close up view of an iris
    1. Rebecca Hill - Hobnobbing (#8)
    2. (tie) Cindy Long - NOID (#6) and Dave Smith - Thornbird (#4)
  • Miscellaneous Category - Iris garden images, Photoshopped image, etc
    1. Diane Pavlovich - Kevin Kartchner's Garden (#16)
    2. Rebecca Hill - Kevin Kartchner's Garden (#18)
    3. (tie) Sue Clark - Arboretum Pond (#5) and Dave Smith - Artistic Entry TAIS Show (#10)


TAIS members may vote for three photos per category (for a total of nine votes) by submitting to Please consider the quality of the photos (focus, composition, etc.), rather than the beauty of the iris(es) featured.

Votes will be accepted from September 27 to October 3.

Winning photos in each category will be revealed during our October 14 meeting.

Guidelines for Submissions

Current TAIS members may submit up to 15 pictures in groups of 1-3 to Note: emailing more than three photos at a time may result in the message not going through.

Please include three pieces of information for each picture:

  • your name
  • the category
  • the name of the variety pictured
    • If you do not know the name, label it as a NOID, meaning no identification.

The photos must be in final form.

All photos must be your own, although they are not restricted to your own garden.

Please be sure that each photo fits the category you select for it.

Winning entries from previous years are ineligible.

Submissions will be accepted between September 20 and 25.

Entries will be displayed anonymously on the website. They will be numbered and include the name of the variety.

Help make this a fun and successful event by participating!